Characteristics of our storage rooms and services

How many sizes of storage room do you have?

Over 30 different sizes, from 1 m² to 20 m², with heights between 2.5m and 3m.

What type of access doors are on the warehouses?

The smaller warehouses (10 m²) have doors 1m wide; the larger warehouses (over 10 m²) have doors 1.5 m wide.

What items do you sell in your on-line shop?

Padlocks, packaging tapes, boxes, wrapping paper, bubble wrap, blankets, shelves, etc. Everything you may need for hassle-free removals.

Can you receive my belongings and store them in my warehouse or storage room?

Yes, if you leave us a key to the padlock on your storage room. When the transport or removals company delivers your belongings, we will place them in your storage room.

Access and security

When can I access my warehouse?

From 6am to 10pm, 365 days a year. If you wish to have 24-hour access, please consult our staff.

How often can I access my warehouse?

As often as you want. Access is unlimited.

Can I drive my vehicle into the premises?

We have a private loading/unloading dock available for clients.

Who has access to my warehouse?

Only persons to whom you entrust your PIN code or swipe card and the key to your warehouse.

What security measures guarantee that my belongings are safe?

24-hour surveillance system by our staff, closed-circuit cameras, PIN code access to the building, individually alarmed storage rooms, fire alarms and protection devices with 24-hour connection to the alarm centre.

Are my goods insured?

The service rental agreement that you sign with us includes a basic insurance of €1000 per warehouse. You can extend your coverage by multiples of €1000, up to a maximum of €3000.

Transporting your belongings

Who transports my belongings?

You can transport your belongings in your own vehicle or we will provide you with a van free of charge for 4 hours when you rent storage space at MetreCubic.

What if I have neither the time nor the means to transport my own belongings?

We will organise a removals service whereby a reliable company will transport your belongings to your warehouse. If you provide us with a key to your storage room, we can store your belongings inside.

Can I hire a removals company myself?

Of course you can. You decide whether you receive your goods personally or if you prefer our staff to leave them in your storage room. This service is billed by the hour.

How and where can I unload my vehicle in the centre?

There are trolleys available to transport your belongings from the vehicle into your storage room. We have private parking facilities inside the building for unloading your personal belongings or merchandise.

Rental agreement and payment conditions

What type of rental agreement must I sign?

You sign a monthly service rental agreement that is automatically renewed with each subsequent payment. The rental agreement may be cancelled at any stage, after two weeks’ notice.

How much do I pay to gain initial access to my warehouse?

You pay a deposit equivalent to one monthly payment without VAT, plus an initial payment to cover the days remaining in the first month, which includes the cost of insuring your goods for those days. From then on, you issue a standing order to pay your monthly bill within the first five days of each month.

What means of payment can I use?

The deposit and initial payment must be paid in cash or by credit card. Subsequent payments will be billed through your bank account. Other services, such as removals or assistance from our staff, have an hourly rate and are paid in cash or by credit card on completion of the service.

How can I cancel my rental agreement?

To cancel your rental agreement, you give us two weeks’ notice. After vacating your storage room and leaving it in the same state as you found it (empty and clean), call into our offices to sign the checkout receipt. We will then return your deposit and the amount corresponding to the remaining days of the current month during which you will not use the service. You will receive this payment by cheque or bank transfer within 15 days.